Total Cinema Solutions has chosen Osram to be their preferred projection lamp partner for digital cinema. Long the standard lamp of choice for 35mm projection, the Osram lamps have been legendary within the industry.

Osram has lamps to fit most major brands of digital projectors and has some of the best warranties in the industry. While every manufacturer offers some form of warranty on the lamp itself, Osram is unique in the industry with its service life warranty. This service life warranty protects your projector and extends the working life of your lamp typically by 10% or more. When you factor the competitive cost of the Osram lamp with the already extended bulb warranty and the service life warranty, you end up with one of the best lamps available with the perhaps the lowest operating cost per hour.

Here's a cross-reference to determine which Osram lamp is the correct fit for your projector.


This table lists the technical data and warranty lives for the various models of lamps.


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