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Drive-In WiFi 

Face it, virtutally anywhere you go nowadays you will find people with their faces buried in their cell phones. You find them in stores, in the malls, at the park and even at your drive-in fiddling with their phones. As long as they're already using their phone, how about giving your customers a high quality digital audio feed from your drive-in system?

Here's how it works

The audio from your digital cinema server or audio processor is fed to an audio input panel. The input panel feeds the audio to a wifi audio server. This server can process up to 24 stereo channels of digital audio depending on which input panel it is connnected to. The signal from the audio server is sent to custom wi-fi access point from which it is broadcast to your customers. Your customers are directed to download a free app for their Apple IOS or Android device from the appropriate webstore. Once the app is on their phone they select which of the channels to listen to.

Some facts

  • Each access point in open space can cover an area 150' in all directions
  • Expansion access points are available to cover larger areas
  • You may elect to allow, or not allow, internet access through the system
  • Offer this as a special feature to your customers.
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X
Listen Technologies LW-200P-04 4 channel Server
Listen Technologies LW-100P-02 2 channel Server