Total Cinema Solutions
Total Cinema Solutions
  • Staying on screen is the key.
    ​We've got your back.

    Even the best equipment eventually breaks down.  Fans stop. Power supplies lose their power.  Boards stop er, whatever.  We've got your back. Our staff, factory trained in many instances is ready and able to install, maintain and service your projection system.

    Today's typical projection system are a marriage of state of the art digital projectors and servers and legacy sound and lighting systems.  Many of the younger techs have been trained on digital projectors but have had no practical training on cinema sound.  Many of the older techs are very fluent with the sound and lighting technologies but weak on the projection side.  Our techs excel in both.  Our policy is constant recurrent training to keep up with the latest advance in technology, both in the cinema industry and also in technologies that can be brought into our industry to provide better reliability, a better movie going experience and cost savings.

    Our commitment to support is multi-layered and custom tailored to each client's needs.  

    TechSelect - This is the foundation of all of our support options. With TechSelect an internet connected computer is placed at your site.  That computer acts as our window into your projection system and allows our technicians to accurately assess any issues that may develop and provide you with informed, intelligent answers to your questions and problems.  Under routine conditions, we perform a monthly assessment of your system's health checking software versions, lamp life and other key indicators.  If there is a qualified update available to your system, we coordinate with you a time to remotely update your system.  If you have a non-emergency question, we gladly will schedule time with you over the phone and/or remotely connected to provide the training you desire.  Most importantly, if you have an emergency, a call to our toll-free line will connect you to a technician who will assist you in resolving the problem as expeditiously as possible.  This line is answered 7 days a week from 10AM to midnight.